Wednesday, April 11, 2018

A-Z - J is for Jasmine

It's a colour and a food...

J is for Jasmine

When I was searching the paint store names for food name colours, jasmine was one of the chips I pulled.  Can I find it in my extremely messy and disorganized studio? NO!  I'm not sure what colour they name jasmine.  Was it green, or white (bloom), or a lovely brown (tea)?  I guess it doesn't matter.  Certainly down the road when I take time to clean my mess, I'll find my paint samples and have a good laugh at myself.

This post wouldn't be complete without my jasmine story.  A number of years ago, I was doing a series of postcards to send for Mother's Day using an image of a little girl that was given to me by a friend.  She had a box of family photos that didn't mean anything to her and she knew I would find a good use.  (No wonder my studio is such a mess... I can never say no to treasures).  The name of the little girl was, Leafy.  (How nice that someone actually wrote her name on the back of the photo).  I did a little research (thank you Ancestry), and discovered that Leafy was from Kansas and was buried there. 

At the time, I was using the kitchen table to do my art work, as we were in a rental house while our home was being built.  This particular night I left my Leafy postcards on the table to dry and we went to bed.  During the night, Jon and I both woke and could smell jasmine in our bedroom.  We decided that Leafy had come to visit and was wearing jasmine perfume.  I won't bother you with a ghost discussion, but I know what I smelled, and we made sure both kids were asleep and not spraying scent upstairs.

My dad and I would drink Jasmine Green tea when he visited me at work.  We would make tea and either sit by the fireplace or he would pull up a chair by my desk and watch me work.  He died two years ago in my arms while snorkeling with the family.  I continue to drink a cup of Jasmine and pretend that he is with me working away...

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