Thursday, January 30, 2020

Shopping for pineapple fabric

My husband had a doctor's appointment in Iowa City on Wednesday.  I went along to meet the doctor and then do some shopping for fabric on our way home.  I just knew I would find the perfect fabric for Liz's quilt.  Visions of pineapples and tropical leaves filled my head.  This is what I actually purchased:

The bird and cat fabric came from Home Ec in Iowa City.  Cutest shop ever!  They have a fabulous selection of yarns - it makes me want to take up knitting! The butterflies came from a shop in West Branch.  Much traditional fabric, very helpful staff and close to the highway.  I will return and tour the Herbert Hoover Museum next time we go.  I still don't have pineapple fabric...

Monday, January 27, 2020

Beginnings: Pineapple Quilt

My sister-in-law was a gracious hostess while we visited her in Hawaii.  How does one begin to say thank you for such kindness?  As an artist, we create something that will hopefully be appreciated...  I was quick to discover that Liz loves pineapples!  Pillows, artwork, ceramics, bags and more have pineapple motifs in her home. It was easy to decide on a quilt theme.

I know that it needs to be completed as soon as possible.  After playing with some ideas, I knew I had to jump right in and just begin.

First sample was too small.  It would take years to get this done.  I also didn't like the brightness of the pineapple top and knew that I wanted an aqua background instead of grey:

For the second sample, I grew the blocks by an inch and found a fern fabric for the top. I had some kona in my stash that had been dyed with "seaglass" for the background.   

Stitched up and pressed.  I like it.  Each pineapple with be different, but the tops all the same.  I like the pineapple top as a motif to use elsewhere, somehow...  For now, I'll just work on making a few blocks to play with some design ideas.

Friday, January 24, 2020

#100DayProject / day #3

At the beginning of 100 days, it is easy to come up with ideas. While planning for the challenge, I decided that it would be a good opportunity to try different techniques that I have recorded from books, magazines, pinterest, etc.  This little bowl has layers of fabric stitched together and then some snipping to reveal fabric beneath the top layer.  What I learned is to work a little larger as it is difficult to see the numerous layers. It is also screaming for some beads!

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Day #2 / Avocado Bowl

Sometimes projects have a mind of their own!  This one spoke to me at breakfast. A bit of avocado toast gave me the idea to create a bowl...

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

#100 Day Project / Day #1

Off to a good start!  I've done day 1 of 100! Only 99 to go... 

Part of my goal is to try some new stitches on my little bowls, boxes and containers.  I'm keeping it as simple as possible and making each daily project small

Friday, January 17, 2020

Looking forward

Today I had my every 10 year colonoscopy.  Thank goodness all is well and I don't have to play that game again for 10 years. The down side is that I feel like I have lost an entire day. Fasting all day yesterday, not much sleep last night, a drugged morning, lunch I can barely remember and an all afternoon nap. I did manage to stop by the library on the way home to pick up some books to keep me busy this weekend, while the snow that started the very minute we drove into the driveway continues to blow and pile up.  Super run on sentence...

I have decided to participate in the 100 Day Project again this spring.  My idea is to explore bowls, boxes and various vessels using papers and fibers from my ever growing stash.  While at the library I picked up a book that has some fabulous ideas for stitch and slashing fabric.  An idea for a series of bowls has already exploded in my head!  Do I really have to wait until the 22nd to begin?!  I will wait, but will also fill my journal with tons of ideas to keep me creating for 100 days!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Good to be home...

Hawaii was wonderful. We saw much, hiked, walked the beach, ate tons of fruit, and enjoyed family.  There does come a time when sleeping in your own bed and returning to routine feels right. My husband was ready for me to come home and the dog was very happy to see me.

My new years goals are written in my journal and I look forward to more travels this year.   For now, not much art is being created, but my laundry is caught up, kids are back to college and I have a full calendar up until the day Jon and I leave on a cruise in the Caribbean. I'm looking forward to several  quiet days at sea.

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Hawaiian quilts

It is easy to fall in love with Hawaiian quilts. The design is cut from one piece of fabric, like one cuts a snowflake. These pictures were taken at the Polynesian cultural center on Oahu.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Hawaii = sea turtles!

One of the items on my Hawaii wish list was, see a turtle. At black sands on Big Island I got my wish!

Monday, January 6, 2020


We have taken many hikes while visiting Volcano National Park on Big Island. The patterns in the lava fascinate me with each new adventure...