Monday, January 27, 2020

Beginnings: Pineapple Quilt

My sister-in-law was a gracious hostess while we visited her in Hawaii.  How does one begin to say thank you for such kindness?  As an artist, we create something that will hopefully be appreciated...  I was quick to discover that Liz loves pineapples!  Pillows, artwork, ceramics, bags and more have pineapple motifs in her home. It was easy to decide on a quilt theme.

I know that it needs to be completed as soon as possible.  After playing with some ideas, I knew I had to jump right in and just begin.

First sample was too small.  It would take years to get this done.  I also didn't like the brightness of the pineapple top and knew that I wanted an aqua background instead of grey:

For the second sample, I grew the blocks by an inch and found a fern fabric for the top. I had some kona in my stash that had been dyed with "seaglass" for the background.   

Stitched up and pressed.  I like it.  Each pineapple with be different, but the tops all the same.  I like the pineapple top as a motif to use elsewhere, somehow...  For now, I'll just work on making a few blocks to play with some design ideas.

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