Saturday, April 25, 2020

#seaglassandsunshine continues

Today the weatherman has promised rain.  It's actually a good thing, as sunny days make for outdoor play and my to do list gets lost.  I had such high expectations for Stay at Home April.  Don't get me wrong - I did tons of things, but nothing finished.  Now I have been given a second month at home to seriously tackle the big things.  With warm sunshine on the horizon, I'd better get something completed, or once again I'll be outside all day.  I know the garden will enjoy it, but today's rain is a  blessing.
My seaglass and sunshine quilt was to hang in the library during the month of May.  It is mostly put together - just needs a few small blocks to fill in a few empty spots, binding, and more quilting.  My big push to finish it was planned for this coming week.  The deadline has changed, as far as the library display goes, but I want this project finished!  This morning I started with making a few simple blocks:

It was nice to unroll the quilt to look at what is happening.  It's all rather busy.  Usually I wouldn't like this style, but I'm seeing it as a mosaic and will in time probably add even more beads and bits of dyed lace. 

My husband just called up to me and asked if I want to binge the Indiana Jones movies this weekend. Yes. What great timing.  I can stitch and enjoy some of my favorite movies.  I think this quilt will be finished sooner rather than later!  

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

#mendmarch book work

A few pages from the last month of creative frenzy.  I've been working on tons of projects, but nothing finished.  One of these days I'll wake up and magically projects will be finished, right? 

I went nuts beading a butterfly for this book.  My plan was to use it on the cover, but now I think that it needs to be inside to protect the beads.  This was my month long project each time I spent the night at my mom's.  Now I need a new project for my overnight visits!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Martinique paintings

While cleaning up some photos on my phone, I came across the photo of 2 paintings I purchased while on our cruise.  They are painted on denim fabric - very resourceful artist.  It was nice to buy directly from the artist.  One for each of my children.  I knew right away that the one in grey tones would be for Arrianne.  She is all about grey and black.  Jes likes bright colours. 

Friday, April 10, 2020

Inspired by the full moon

Did you see the moon on the 7th of April?  I was outside with my dog before the sun came up and was amazed at the beauty of the moon.  At ground level we were covered in fog, but the sky was magnificent!  Some resist dyeing using a couple of canning lids and clamps gave me a set of moons to stitch later when inspired:

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

#100 Days of Stitching

Last year I participated in #100daysof stitching.  It was a fun challenge and I finished all 100 butterflies that I set out to stitch!  This year I'm challenging myself in a new way.  I am doing a study of Paul Klee's 'Castle and Sun' in dyed fibers using a mending technique for the stitching.  As the challenge just began yesterday, I don't have much to show...

After printing the image, I used tracing paper to create my pattern:

Enlarged the pattern a bit:

Over dyed some fibers that I knew I would not use 'as is'.  Really should have taken a before picture, but got too excited and dumped them into the dye before thinking!

Next step - transfer the pattern to fabric and begin stitching! 

Saturday, April 4, 2020

#a3artsupplieschallenge 1-4

I decided to participate in the A3 challenge during the month of April. Each day there is a prompt to photograph your art supplies and post in instagram.  Lord knows I have plenty of art supplies!

The first four days - paint brushes, coloured pencils, paints, and watercolours:

Friday, April 3, 2020

Quilt for "the boys"

I am very happy to see that the quilt I made for Michelle and Trace is being used.  When I gave it to them as a wedding gift, I told her that I would be thrilled to see it used, even if it was the cats that decided it belonged to them.  It pains me to hear that people keep quilts locked up in a drawer and never really enjoy them.  I would much rather fixed frayed edges over the years than to find out that the poor quilt never really had a good life.

That being said, it occurred to me that the boys need their own blankie!  I dug thru my stash and came up with the perfect background fabric for some pieced black cats:

How big do I make this quilt?  I guess as large as I have fabric for it.  A yard of kitty fabric and plenty of black cat solid black.  Can't wait to begin!

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Thursday April 2nd

I looked at my calendar this morning for the first time in a few weeks.  With a statewide lock down in force, the days run together and no reason for a calendar for the most part.  I did have written on today that my flights from Israel to Chicago were today.  Wow....  the cancelling of this trip seems like ages ago.  I didn't request my trip insurance refunded as I am positive that I will go next year!

For now, we look for things to do each day to stay positive, healthy and motivated.  I will not become a blob sitting in front of the tv waiting for the next covid statistics to post.  Being a quilter, I decided to sew a block each day of April to have something to document this part of my life.  Flowers and wildlife always make me smile, so this collage quilt is floral and the pretty things that God shares with us.  So far I am on schedule!