Wednesday, April 8, 2020

#100 Days of Stitching

Last year I participated in #100daysof stitching.  It was a fun challenge and I finished all 100 butterflies that I set out to stitch!  This year I'm challenging myself in a new way.  I am doing a study of Paul Klee's 'Castle and Sun' in dyed fibers using a mending technique for the stitching.  As the challenge just began yesterday, I don't have much to show...

After printing the image, I used tracing paper to create my pattern:

Enlarged the pattern a bit:

Over dyed some fibers that I knew I would not use 'as is'.  Really should have taken a before picture, but got too excited and dumped them into the dye before thinking!

Next step - transfer the pattern to fabric and begin stitching! 

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