Sunday, February 18, 2024

Goodbye Miami - Glad to be home!


The Miami sky was so lovely on the morning we left for home. God certainly painted a wonderful palette to me to remember our trip. Unfortunately, right now, the issues we had getting home are too bold in my head. But, that will pass... Delayed and missed flights, and too long in the Atlanta airport is all I can think of right now.  I must focus on the positive parts and move forward. 

Today begins the 100 Day Project. I'm still on the fence. Do it or not. I'm learning towards not, unless I come up with a fabulous idea in the next few hours. One thing I've wanted to do is some natural art to hang around the forest and garden. That may be a good direction to head. It needs to be easy. I've been following a woman on IG that creates out in nature and her pieces are simply amazing! Somehow, make it my own and have fun. Let me ponder this while I drink a cup of tea. 

Friday, February 2, 2024

Friday - Travel Day!

Happy faces from our "last" cruise (2022). Can we do better than last time? 

 After our last trip together, Jon said it was his last. I guess he forgot the difficult parts, because here we are leaving for 2 weeks in the Caribbean on a cruise ship. Today, we fly to Miami, spend the night, and then board the ship tomorrow.  He is taking a walker and we have a wheelchair reserved on the ship. I am a bit nervous about the flight with him, but we have good seats and a positive attitude. He is very nervously driving around in his electric chair. Me, I'm just ready to get going! My bag is filled with art projects and an extra journal for tons of writing. 

Thursday, February 1, 2024

JJJ - Days 24 - 31

 Day 24: 

Fabric: I must admit, the components were already done and in my stash. 

Day 25: Ombre - It was nice to use some of the avocado dyed papers from my stash. The photo doesn't show the "ombre" very well, but does it really matter?

Day 26: Translucent - A simple piece of cheesecloth over an old photo. I'm a believer that a page doesn't have to take hours to create. 

Day 27: Lyrics

Day 28: Grungy

Day 29: Geometric

Day 30: Travel

Day 31: Reflect

Sunday, January 28, 2024

Yoyo - Boring brown...

 As January quickly comes to an end, I have 9 more blocks to share before leaving for 2 weeks of warmness and sunshine! This completes 28 blocks. If my estimate is correct, I will still need to do at least 32 more browns. For now, I will put brown on hold and embrace YELLOW! The sunshine color!

Friday, January 26, 2024

Earth Fragments: Pachamama / Backing

 This quilt was made long ago by either my grandmother or great grandmother. At some point, my mom gave it to me - probably to protect furniture while moving. It is in very poor shape - complete with a giant hole chewed by a mouse. I think it was after the old cotton batting to line it's nest. I cut off the really bad part and washed the quilt a couple of times. I think it will make a good backing for Pachamama. One of my goals in creating the quilt series is to use things I have in my stash (yes, I'm always Swedish Death Cleaning!)

I also thought it fitting to use a small piece on the front of the quilt. Kind of a record of existence? It seemed too harsh in color contrast for the rest of the piece - so into the dye pot! Add a few beads and a little stitch and voila!, a memory is preserved.


Thursday, January 25, 2024

Earth Fragments: Pachamama

 My current quilt is inspired by my trip, this past summer, to Peru. I was "introduced" to Pachamama, or Mother Earth. As I have been working on quilts that are a save the world statement, it seemed fitting to pursue Mother Earth as a quilt. With the Earth Fragments series, I will continue to use dresses as a stitching canvas, as well as textiles that have been salvaged, thrifted and gifted.

As I was beginning to stitch this small piece, I realized that this little butterfly could easily be classified as a sampler - a collection of various stitches. Does a sampler need text? If yes, then I could add a little more to the design. For now it goes into the growing pile to create Pachamama.


Tuesday, January 23, 2024

#JunkJournalJanuary days 18 - 23

January 18: Borders  -  What an easy theme when you are over run with washi tape! The center flower was from a little canvas I painted ages ago. The glue was letting go, so I ripped the canvas apart and added to my journal. Repurposed, recycled, reused... and all that good stuff!

Day 19: Interactive - I wasn't really feeling this one. Too simple: A vase of roses that flips to a vase of tulips. Sometimes art just fails. That's ok.

January 20: Nature - It's hard to not save every beautiful card that comes on special occasions, but the sunshine on my birthday card from my sister was an exception! The sun is such an important part of nature - what a great place to save at least part of a greeting card

January 21: Peeking out - A box of kitties from many years ago! When I came across this photo, I was reminded of how my son enjoyed all the cats we had on the farm. He is now grown and has a dog! I really thought he was a cat person for life

January 22: Book Shelf - I remember the first time my husband saw me rip up an old book to use for art. He was horrified! I asked him where he thought old books actually went. Is it not better to use the book pages instead of piling them in the landfill? 

January 23: Texture - The photo was in a file from my father's office. Not sure what it was a photo of, but I'm pretty sure he was after a textural shot. He did a fair amount of darkroom work back in the 60's and 70's. I used to think it was a place in the basement to go when he just needed to get away from the kids. And maybe mom. His own little art studio, with a locking door. Smart man!