Friday, April 20, 2018

A to Z / R is for Raspberry

Yummy and pretty...

R is for Raspberry

While I worked on this page, the song "Raspberry Beret" kept running around in my head.  The words changed and became a new song, Raspberry Sorbet....  "She ate some raspberry sorbet... the kind you find in an ice cream store...." 

Yes, my family laughs at me a lot...

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  1. Love these colours, Cheryl and your song. I say sing it out loud in the car, preferably when the kids have friends in the car. My daughter hasn't been real keen on my A-Z theme: Writing Letters to Dead Artists and told me not to say anything about dead artists when we were out last week. Then, Dead Poet's Society came up in conversation and she wasn't convinced it was a movie. I'd written to dead poets two years ago for the A-Z.
    Best wishes,