Thursday, April 19, 2018

A to Z / Q is for Quince

During the month of April, I am creating an alphabet book using foods that are also a colour for my A to Z posts.

Today we look at Q....

Q is for Quince

This might be stretching it a bit for a colour name, but I am the artist.... 

I didn't know what a quince was until I was doing my research for the a to z project.  Funny thing --- I had photographed a quince while visiting my son during the Christmas holidays.  One morning, while he was at work, I took a walk thru the gardens in Ansbach (Germany).  I peered into the windows at a greenhouse and took a picture of what I thought was the biggest lemon in the world.  Turns out, I was wrong and it was a quince!  I am now on a mission to plant my own quince tree.  I'll let you know in 5-7 years if I am successful at growing one!

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  1. That's a fantastic photo of the quince, thanks for adding it for context, I'd never heard of quince until reading this post either! Happy to find your blog at today's doc. I'll make time to see your earlier pages later in the week, it's a very interesting combination of topic you've chosen and I love the practical application, must've taken a fair amount of work. I'm commenting from my blogspot a/c but my A2Z posts are at The Wishing Well on WP (#177 on today's list). Best wishes for the final few days of the challenge.