Monday, July 22, 2019

Big Wedding: Norwegian Wedding Cake

The cake was a success!  Transporting 18 layers + 12 additional layers for a second cake in 90+ weather was nerve wracking. I had enough containers to not layer, as I decided that the weight of the rings could be a problem.  The dog was in the back seat, until dropping him off at the kennel for the weekend.  He stays at the Hobo Pet Hotel - cutest little place ever!!!  Yes, their marketing worked on me.

After dropping him off, I put the back seat down to draw cool air into the trunk.  The plan worked.  Everything made it to the church in fine order.  The baker that invented this cake was actually Danish.  While in Denmark earlier this summer, I picked up a bag of Danish flags.  It seemed only fitting to make one of the cakes Danish to properly celebrate this occasion!

The cake mysteriously disappeared!

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