Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Make Ink - Orange Zinnias

Now that the garden is blooming and I have the wedding quilt done, it is time to start picking, chopping and cooking some delicious colour!  I "borrowed" flowers from the library to cook up this pot of loveliness.  Unfortunately the photo I took of the flowers before cooking left my camera.  This happens sometimes for no apparent reason.  The guy at the phone store had to the nerve to ask if I knew how to take a picture.  Inside my head I thought, "Really?  I've been taking pictures since before you were born".  I was sweet and and just smiled.  He then googled and found that others have complained about the same thing.  But no fix for missing pictures.
Any way - I think the flowers were zinnias, but had very short stems.  I cooked them up and after draining I added some vinegar.  The last batch of flowers I cooked I omitted the vinegar and ended up with a lovely crop of mold on top of the ink. 


  1. Pretty ink....But stay out of my garden when the Zinnias start to bloom!