Friday, July 19, 2019

Big Wedding!

My brother is 58 and getting married for the first time.  Our family is so excited to welcome Michelle into our family.  Just a few pictures for now....  We leave in a few minutes to take the dog to the Hobo Pet Hotel and then head into the city. 

Yesterday evening I baked the rings for the Norwegian Wedding Cake.  The kitchen smells so yummy!  I volunteered to bake this cake as it is dairy free.   There are egg whites in the recipe, but I can overlook that for this melt in your mouth cake.  It is carefully packed up and ready to take to the church to assemble.  Don't worry - I will take plenty of pictures!

While visiting my son last month, a trip to Pier One scored this cake plate.  The wedding colours include different shades of blue.  While wiring some silk flowers for the base I decided to add a bit of lavendar.  Lavendar symbolizes devotion, a perfect flower to include at a wedding.

I have a few flowers left from the cake stand ring and will add them to the present.  My collection of old wedding pictures make awesome cards.  

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