Saturday, July 13, 2019

Travel badge / Iceland

Earned the Iceland travel badge while on a few day layover from Boston to Stockholm.  (It was  planned.)  My cousin, her daughter and I met up in Boston and flew to Reykjavik to join my son for a few days.  Words cannot begin to describe this incredible country.  We enjoyed every minute of this adventure.   A high point for me (besides time with my son), was a hike into a volcano.  First a 2 mile hike across the lava field then we were lowered into the volcano.  The colours inside were so beautiful.  I am an artist, not a scientist, and was very fascinated by the art made by nature.

Yes it was cold while we were in Iceland - middle of September.  But the days were pleasant and it was not overrun with tourists.  I would love to return for another adventure.

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