Monday, April 10, 2017

H is for Hexi Collage Quilt

Last fall I was asked to do a program for a local quilter's group.  We settled on scheduling it in February and I set off to create a fabulous new quilt and presentation.  I was intrigued by hexagons and the beautiful hexi quilts I had seen pop up on blogs and in quilt shows.  So with a theme, I was off and running.

It seemed like a good idea to play in paper first.  This piece is actually made from leaves and paper  using bee's wax as the glue:

It was followed by alot of hexi play dates:

After a few weeks of design and play, I jumped into making my Hexi Collage Quilt:

This is a full size quilt that used pieces of indigo dyed fabric that I picked up at quilt shows over the years.  The appliqued butterflies came from a shop in Copenhagen that I visited in the fall.  Fabric pieces also include old linens, an iced dyed table cloth, and a vest that was my fathers.