Saturday, April 8, 2017

G is for Genesis

"Genesis" was a delight to put together.

I came across a call for entries for Text used on the quilt.  An idea popped into my head, but there was very little time to put the quilt together as the deadline was only a few weeks away.  I sat the family down and I told them what I wanted to do, explaining that every waking hour would be spent working on this entry.  My dear family said, "Go for it!"

My son was very helpful, reading the Bible to me as I wrote the first 3 chapters of Genesis on the background.

It ended up being a family project as everyone cheered me on the make the deadline.  The quilt was finished on time and made it into the show.  It even traveled to The Netherlands before coming home!


  1. That's amazing! A quilt with words. A whole story to keep you warm. Love it!

  2. It's really beautiful!! You are so talented.
    Warmed by words...
    Writer In Transit