Tuesday, April 4, 2017

C is for Cabin Fever

One February day we had an awesome snowstorm.  There was enough snow that we couldn't get down our lane - even if we could, the main road wasn't cleaned off for 2 days and we were just stuck at home.  The first day was so much fun.  We played in the snow, drank hot chocolate, warmed by the wood burning stove, ate too much, and just enjoyed being at home as a family.  The second day found me with cabin fever!   I dug through my fabric stash, looking for bright and cheery colors to brighten my mood.  A quilt was started....


  1. What fun for a snowy day!
    Tinbugs from Travelling Spoons

  2. Such a beautiful and vibrant quilt! I like your choice of fabrics.

  3. Awesome and Snowstorm in the same sentence?!!Wow You're brave, and I thought I was brave embracing Minnesotan winters. My theme this year is anything Writer(ly)

    Check it out:Theglobaldig.blogspot.com