Friday, April 7, 2017

F is for Flowers

F is for Flowers....  Always a pleasant theme to work with.  I enjoy spending hours in the garden weeding and just enjoying the flowers and the bees.  This quilt was created as a whole cloth with dyes, paints, stenciling and stamping.  An additional layer of flowers was added with stitching.

The warm fuzzies for me is that my husband wrote the poem that is written on the quilt.


  1. I do *not* enjoy weeding OR bees! But I admire those who are good at this; my garden certainly could use an overhaul!

    That's a beautiful quilt and I love the poem your husband inscribed on it. How romantic <3

    *Visiting from A-Z*

  2. What a lovely quilt! I like the addition of the poem that your husband wrote on the quilt. That's such a great idea!

  3. Very pretty!! And so special!!