Monday, August 3, 2020

Current project: VanGogh Quilt

When I retired from work, one of my gifts was a gc to Missouri Star.  Nice, right?  I used some of it to purchase fabrics from the VanGogh fabric collection.  Now that we are all spending so much time at home, it seemed perfect to begin/finish a quilt using my gift.  Mom and I sewed a number of blocks using the jelly roll fabrics. At some point I realized that I was going to have to "grow" the blocks some how and added in some fabrics from my stash.  

After sewing a few, I knew that I was on the wrong track and quickly unsewed the edges that I had added to make the blocks a 7" square.  They were much too formal for me:

My next option was to add fabric to the blocks to make them 7" wide.  I am much happier now!  The random pieces are going to be much easier to work with.

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