Thursday, August 6, 2020

VanGogh: Graphing it out

I don't always design on paper when building a quilt, but this time since I'm a little nervous about the quantities of fabric, I'm planning more.  I certainly don't want to do any more ripping!

Anytime I pull out a pad of graph paper, it reminds me of my dad.  He was an engineer and always had plenty of graph paper, in many sizes, on hand.  As a child I would enjoy using a piece and colouring in the squares with crayons or colored pencils. Fond memories.

I was thinking about construction when I drew columns on the paper.  My blocks are approximately 7" wide, so my columns represent 7 inches also:

Using our "rule of thirds", the last placement is the one I will go with (today).  

Next to play with some of the larger blocks, adding them in a pleasing design.  I have more of the VanGogh selfies if I need additional large blocks to break up the mosaic background I have in mind. For now I need to let it rest a few days, as this is (1) how I like to work on designs, and (2) the tomatoes are overtaking my kitchen counters.

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