Tuesday, March 24, 2020

#mendmarch / beginning a book

It's been an interesting few days being in "lock down".  My son made a point of reminding me that I don't go places very much any way, so this shouldn't feel any different.  True.  It does seem that when you can't go, all you want to do is go somewhere!  I've been trying to stay with my mom a few nights a week, and will bump that up until we go back to "normal" life. What ever that is... She looks suddenly so much older than last year.  I'm glad that I can spend time with her.

I have managed to keep up with #mendmarch and see the light at the end of the tunnel.  As the pile of butterflies and Haiku's has grown, I've decided that they will go into a book that will also remind me of surviving covid-19 and at some point remind my children of just how upside down life can become.  I began work on the first page this morning.  It needs more layers, but for now I just wanted to get started on something to show for the month of March and all the extra time I have on my hands.

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