Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Mend March

When #mendmarch began this year, I really didn't have much to mend.  I guess not having young children around, my mending has dwindled thru the years.  I really do like to participate, but put my own twist on the month long project.  There are daily prompts that you may or may not use.  I decided to use the prompt but to write a Haiku and mend a butterfly each day.  Nothing like making the project harder than need be. 
While I struggle to be creative each day, the writing has been difficult and rewarding.  One silly thing I discovered is that if I am driving, I come up with better ideas! I know it is illegal to text and drive, but writing and driving - is that ok? As all my daily posts are on instagram - I'm only posting a few pics here.

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