Sunday, December 1, 2019

Friday - Do Your Own Thing

Somehow I didn't publish this... I see that I am not achieving my goal of blogging a few times a week.  How nice that the year is almost over and I can begin a whole new set of goals that don't get done!!!

Once a month our library schedules a day to "Do Your Own Thing".  Sew, paint, stitch, talk...  What ever you want to work on for the day.  It is also a potluck, so we all enjoy eating and catching up with friends.

I took blocks that I sewed last year to lay out as one of my quick get it done projects.  It took much longer to design something I was happy with than I ever expected, but with a lot of friend help, it is ready to sew together.  It will be nice to have it moved to the, "waiting to be quilted" pile...

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