Sunday, April 28, 2019

Nameless quilt blocks...

I usually have a name for a quilt as I am beginning to work.  Easy to do when it is an art quilt  - names like, Barn Quilt, Poppies, Jes Face, Rusty Fish, etc.  The names usually change after the quilt is done.  For instance, "Jes Face" became "Discipline".  (I used a photo from basic graduation to cut a stencil for this quilt.)

Yesterday, while being stuck inside due to cold and rainy (and even a bit of snow!) weather, I worked on blocks for my brother and soon to be sister-in-laws quilt.  I won't post any pictures yet, just in case Michelle is snooping about!  I also worked on finishing the blocks I've been sewing to make a new quilt for my bed.  Poor quilt doesn't have a name.  The name in my head when I think about it is, "Swedish Death Cleaning Use Up Some Fabric From The Closet Before I Run Out Of Space" quilt.  I think that name is too long.

Anyway - the blocks are all sewn.  Sometime this summer after Arrianne comes home from school, I'll put her to work laying out the blocks.  She enjoys doing the design work - just doesn't like to cut and sew...  I'll see if she can come up with a name for the quilt!

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