Wednesday, April 17, 2019

a little dyeing from monday

It's so fun to get together with the girlfriends to dye fabric.  I didn't do much, but am excited about some new pieces to work into my stitching.

This piece of lace came from the stash of my mother's man friend.  Ray's mother made it in the early 60's.  It needed colour!

Grey, grey, grey!  I'm happy with all of these pieces!  Happy enough to plan an all grey dye workshop in July.  I did have the common sense to schedule the workshop after my brother's wedding, as I would hate to have grey hands for the wedding!

I like the subtle colour of this doily.  It's one of those "found it in the closet" things.  Not sure where it came from. 

I'm not much of a pink girl, but this lace began with pink flowers.  It seemed fitting to continue with pink.  At least for now...

This lace was on a little table runner that I bought new, many years ago.  I keep snipping little pieces each time I dye.  What will I do when I run out?!?

The old pillow case that this bit of lace came from was totally rotting and falling apart.  The lace was white and peach in colour.  Either my grandmother or great grandmother made it.  Some lovely boysenberry dye will turn this lace into a lovely butterfly!

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