Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday, 21 January 2018

I am not concentrating well this morning.  My brain keeps popping from place to place!  Random thoughts:

I signed up for 'The 100 Day Project'.  It begins today.  I picked "texture and pattern" for my 100 days of exploring.  With so many ideas in my head, this should be an easy and fun project.

While on the treadmill I was reading a blog post about revisiting old photos.  I love doing this.  Is it not why we take so many pictures?  Looking outside there is only shades of brown.  I need some green, so I revisited my Ireland trip photos.  This church from somewhere in Northern Ireland spoke to me.  I am always amazed by structures that have stood for centuries.

Later today I am heading to my brother's with my mom for a few days.  It is his birthday and being of retired status, I can go!  Speaking of retired... It has now been 1 month since my last day of work.  People keep asking how I am enjoying being retired.  Funny thing - I just feel like I am on vacation.  I spent 2 weeks in Germany with my son for the holiday.  Then returned home and came down with the flu.  My next adventure was 2 days in the court room dealing with issues with my aunt.  That is now resolved and I am finally able to start being retired!

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  1. I was hoping to see a project on your blog this evening. Look forward to seeing your progress. Tell your bro happy birthday! Give your mom a hug from me!