Monday, February 27, 2017

Now it's a series

Each fabric "exercise" will become a wren bag to hang outside this spring.  The goal is to use up some of the stash that is bursting my art studio.  I just can't bring myself to just pitch.  Especially when the colours are yummy and spring perfect.  

Today I signed up for a all day sewing event on the first of April.  For the small fee of $35.00 I get a table, 3 meals, snacks, prizes, and FRIENDS!  As I see it, if I can stay productive each day and make at least one of these wren bag fronts for a month.... I will be able to put together 30 wren bags on the 1st of April, and that's no joke!  

It sounds doable.  I like setting daily goals for achievement. I like rewards even more!  What is a good reward for making 30 wren bags by April 2nd?    I'll have to think on that.  Having a clean closet may have to be enough.  

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