Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Eye doctor inspiration

 While at my yearly eye exam yesterday, I commented on the sign on the wall that said, No Photos / No Videos.  Dr. Peck said, "you can take pictures, it's ok".  So I did!  The first pic is my eye!  I'm loving the colour palette.  I was watching a short video today about picking a palette based on your favorite colours.  I'm not overly fond of orange, but this is more of a rust.  The chartreuse is definitely on my go to list and the little bit of red just pulls it all together!  Can I duplicate this in dye?

This was a poster on the wall.  Nothing special, but I do like the marks!

Not sure about this one:

Can you tell what number is on this? My hubby could not.  No wonder his clothes never look quite right!

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