Saturday, August 13, 2022

Every day is a fresh start


For many years, my early morning stitching has been my #morningtea post on Instagram.  This is my current favorite cup for tea (or coffee).  The butterfly has been my symbol for ages reminding me that life is full of changes. I like change.  It feels good to rearrange the furniture, weed my closet of old clothing, or make plans for the future.  

I've felt stagnant recently.  A feeling of just going thru the actions - making a to do list that is almost a copy of the previous day. It's time to re-look at my butterfly theory and try something new.  What is my #morningtea, really?  It's been doing the same thing, over and over and over.  Drink tea, stitch, post...  

It's not that I need a drastic change.  It does seem that my routine has become, well, routine.  I am still writing in my journal every day.  Some days it's not much more that writing the date and temperature.  I find time to garden, dye fabric, art journal, stitch, etc.  It just seems that it's being done without passion.  I'm ready to change that.  I have a year long project on the work table, a commission work for my dearest friend (my sister), plenty of ideas, and enough ideas to last a life time.  I hope to find the motivation to jump in and produce!

Off to the dye pot...  I clipped all my marigolds yesterday.  

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