Friday, December 31, 2021

December 31, 2021

 And so it ends.  Another year filled with uncertainty and feelings of being alone in a crazy world.  We don't see an end to the pandemic - our lives continue to be controlled by a virus that just won't go away. I don't want this year to end on a sad note, but at times it is difficult to not dwell on pain and sadness.  I learned on Monday that my trip to Peru is once again on hold for yet another year.  I've yet to put away the clothes that I had been laying out, preparing to pack.  Now I am holding my breath for the Israel trip planned for the end of March.  

It is not in my nature to stay down for long.  I hear my sewing machine whispering to me.  Project ideas keep popping into my head.  I thought that finishing 6 quilts last year would satisfy my quilting bug for awhile, but this morning I had to call mom and have her talk me down from starting another (at least for a few weeks).

Today is a good day to clean my art studio and put away the supplies that piled up while writing my book.  It's a good day to reflect and say goodbye to the past year.  A snow storm is predicted for tomorrow and I've already decided that it will be a baking day.  Bread and maybe some cookies (ginger cardamom?).  Snow dyeing is also on my list.  And build a snowman.  

My saddest day this year was saying goodbye to Percy.

Happiest day was seeing my son so happy with his new husband.

Life continues.  

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