Friday, September 11, 2020

Songs of Faith: Layout play

 I've been putting off figuring out a layout design for my "songs" quilt until at least half of the blocks were completed.  It's now time to start playing with my ideas.  After looking at some church windows, I decided that a stained glass triptych may work. Not having all the blocks complete makes it a little hard to design. I used cut up magazine pages for the blocks that are current works in progress and batting for the ones yet to stitch. The batting can always be cut to a different size if needed.

A little further playing ...  In order to fit all the blocks, I decided that some circles at the top would help break it up and create more of an old window look.  Each circle will be a different song.  The panels on the two edges will be for the smaller blocks I created for each song.  

This is from Notre Dame in Paris, taken in 2015.  Dee, Mom, and I met up with Jes for a lovely time in Amsterdam and Paris.  Travel is such a wonderful way to be inspired!

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