Wednesday, September 2, 2020

New quilt beginnings: Snowball

 Now that the living room has a new coat of paint, new curtain, new carpeting, and hopefully before too long - new tile around the wood burner, it is time for a colour coordinated quilt for the sofa.  Not really necessary, but a good excuse to start a new quilt.  Like I need an excuse!

I have a sewing day planned with mom for later in the month and decided that for us to finish a quilt top in a day that it needs to be a super simple pattern.  While looking thru my Pinterest quilt board I came across this easy quilt called, Snowball.

As I have always loved graph paper play, it seemed like a good idea to play:

I thought a 4 inch block would be good and set out to quickly sew a sample block, randomly picking fabric from my scrap box. (The finished quilt will actually be in blues and greys.)

It was also the same day I went to the nursery up in Morrison and picked out a new hibiscus for my garden.  Funny how all of a sudden the snowball block looked more like a hibiscus!

A little stitching and beading later...  No longer a snowball!

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