Friday, June 19, 2020

First Bible Study Quilt: Books of the Bible

About 4 years ago, the pastor's wife started a group of us on a bible quilt adventure.  I knew from the start that I would not be piecing the blocks.  Instead I used thickened dyes and "painted" my blocks.  Some of my friends thought that I took the easy way out.  I think not.  It was just as complicated drawing out the blocks, mixing dyes and completing on time.  One difficulty I had was determining the colours for each block.  When you are cutting fabric, it is easy to see right away if the colour choices work for each block before sewing them.  My other issue was not preshrinking my fabric.  After the blocks were washed I discovered that they were no longer square and ended up adding an extra strip to square up the blocks.  

I enjoyed making new friends during the Bible study and am very excited that the quilt we just started (Songs of Faith) has a larger group with new friends to meet.

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