Saturday, May 12, 2018

friday / dye at the library

I spent an enjoyable time at the library yesterday turning my hands green.  This morning I washed and dried my new dyed treasures:

The old doily took the dye very well, as did the rayon yardage.  The rayon has been in my stash for a few years and ready to no longer be that bright white that I never know what to do with it...  Now at least it will move from the box of white fabric to the box of green!

I've not tried dyeing paper bundles before.  They may hang in the woods for a few days before being opened.  That kind of behavior always weirds out my family.

Thickened dye with a stencil on rusted/tea stained fabric...  Friend Linda said, "aren't you tired of butterflies?"  No, I guess I'm not.  It certainly needs another layer of something...  time for some stitch? 

I usually throw the thread waste away, but this time I think it needs to be used.  Maybe with the butterfly?

The rest of the fabric is nothing to write home about.  I do have thickened dyes in the refrigerator! Maybe after my chores are done....

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