Sunday, June 11, 2017

Morning walk / found my project tree!

Recently I saw a picture of some dead trees that have been artfully painted.  I live next to a small forest and just knew that I had to do this too!  This morning Percy and I took a walk looking for dead trees.  I found the perfect tree on the path going to the fairy circle.  It is too tall to paint all the way to the top, but I bet Jon will be happy to top it for me (what man doesn't like the chance to pull out his chain saw?!?)

Percy is looking so old...  Next week he turns 7.  His very bad haircut is my fault...  I started trimming him for the summer and just never got back to it.  Fortunately, he never complains! Note the catalpa blossoms on the path - so pretty to walk on.  We have a couple of catalpa trees on our property and I always look forward to bloom time.

It may be dead, but is still standing.  Later today I'll clean out the poison ivy around it and trim off the little branches.  One little patch of bark remains.  Can't wait to have some fun!

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