Thursday, March 17, 2022

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

 It seemed fitting to stitch something green for today!

I've also been re-looking at photos from the trip that Jes and I took to Ireland in 2012. It was an amazing trip of discovery that started my travels to Europe.  People ask me what my favorite city or place is to travel to, and I usually say Stockholm. I really think that my favorite place is everywhere!  It is so wonderful to see new things, meet people, and experience culture first hand.  

I've been to some wonderful places in the past 10 years and now after a 2 year break, I am excited about once again packing my bag and dusting off my passport.  In 2 weeks I leave for Israel - a very different trip than past trips. I can't even imagine the way this trip may change me.

Dunluce Castle in Northern Ireland:

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