Sunday, February 13, 2022

Day 1 of #the100dayproject / getting the plan down on paper

 For my 100 days this year, I am digging into learning more about colour. I feel that in 100 days that I won't even scratch the surface.  I will concentrate on fabrics and stitch, with a bit of paint if I find myself falling behind. 

My sister (the science teacher) had suggestions that dealt with light, rods, cones and other sciency things. I then started thinking about colour in terms of emotions and how one reacts to various colours.  My sister in law is an optometrist. I imagine she would have a different view on how I should approach my colour study!  100 days is certainly not enough.  

For now, I have a brief outline of things I want to learn, with a bullet journal to cross off the days.  

And a colour wheel.  That is a good place to begin.

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