Friday, September 17, 2021

Quick table runner

 Today I'm heading to my son's for the weekend.  Last time I was there he asked if I could make a runner to use on top of a small cabinet they keep by the door.  Seems that throwing keys and man stuff on it wrecks the paint job.  Funny - that didn't bother him 25 years ago!!

Back when he graduated from high school, t-shirt quilts were the rage.  He gave me his t-shirts, but also said that he would happily wait.  Now it's been 11 years...  So when I finally had a brain storm this past week, I set to work right away to make his runner.  Using the high school t-shirts and Afghanistan army shirts and his request of brown or black - I made the runner also satisfying my desire to try mock cathedral window!  Talk about multi-tasking!

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