Friday, June 18, 2021

First stitches

 I've been in search of fragments to include in the book I'm working on.  How excited I was to discover my first stitches in my baby book. Lucky for me to be the first child with a mom who actually followed thru with my book!  My son isn't so lucky. His ends at about 11 months when I was going thru a divorce and just didn't feel up to writing and recording.  

Way to go mom! You even put the date on it!  I love the messy uneven stitches and wish I could duplicate that now.

It looks like I got bored with the strawberries and didn't finish.  I still have tons of projects that are left unfinished!  I guess this started at a young age.

And here I am at about the time I stitched my first pieces.  I was told that this dress was red. Nice detail trim on the collar and sleeves - back in the day that a homemade dress was a place to show sewing skills.  

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