Monday, January 25, 2021

My Rye

 Yesterday my husband asked me to bake bread.  Seems that his icky white bread had taken on a blue cast!

I got to work on a rye bread, deciding to combine a stack of recipes to create my own, "My Rye".  I used a Swedish Limpa recipe I've had forever and another rye bread that I tried back in the day.  Played with olive oil instead of butter (trying to stay vegan) and used a good dose of molasses and anise seed.  Next time I will add the brown sugar and orange zest as well (didn't have either at home and the market is just too far away to go for 2 things).  I baked it in 4 small loaf pans (Christmas gift from hubby).  We enjoyed the bread with a bowl of chili while watching the Chiefs win the ball game. Yes!

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