Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Christmas tree

 I've had decorate the Christmas tree on my list of things to do for over a week. Not so fun when the kids aren't here to help. I miss the excitement of looking in the ornament box after a year of being stored with them.  I finally broke down and decorated today.  

There are some very old and special ornaments that I pulled out and created my own joy. I think this year when I put them away I need to include the story about a few.  The slices of corn cob wreaths that Jes and I made 25 years ago, the 2 birds in a basket that my mom gave me even longer ago than that, the gnomes that Arrianne and I painted years ago...  We remember the past each Christmas, then look to the future.  

This year we are all ready to put 2020 behind, but I think each of us has discovered (or re-discovered) some important qualities in our characters. 

  • I realized early on that I really don't mind being isolated as long as I can talk to friends and family either by text or phone.  
  • I'm not that social of a person.
  • Afternoon naps are amazing
  • I am a list maker, and am pleasantly pleased with the number of things I crossed off this year
  • Baking makes me happy.  Actually, working in the kitchen makes me happy when I can take time and enjoy the process
  • My mom is my best friend
  • I am lucky and thankful to be alive and well 
Now, let me share some Christmas tree pics!

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