Tuesday, November 3, 2020


 New month, new challenge.  This month we are exploring patterns and layers.  I am also challenging myself to look for new colour combinations to get out of my colour rut!

Day 1 - Green, yellow and red.  Inspiration for this colour combination is a little bird ornament.  I am stamping and stenciling on fabric with the notion that I may actually use the fabric later on. Certainly some stitch could help some of the pieces!

Day 2 - My 'blue jay" series!  This little guy comes to my bird feeder each morning and it seem fitting to use him for inspiration.  He wouldn't turn around to photograph his back side where the colours are much more virbrant.

Day 3:  Yarn as inspiration.  A stroll thru the local craft store helped me discover many colour palettes to play with during the next few days.  I am not a knitter, but after finding this yarn, I may have to begin! 

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