Monday, October 5, 2020

Home again

 I had a wonderful time with my son.  He fed me well, made my tea/coffee each morning, walked with me each day in the park, etc.  Hard to leave for home when being so well taken care of.  

One of the things we worked on each evening was a puzzle.  1000 pieces.  I have not done a puzzle in years.  It was a delight to sit down and watch British baking and work on a puzzle.  I look forward to continuing this ritual the next time I go back.

I was telling him that I have names for the various puzzle pieces:

This one is just plain basic:

This one is "starfish":

We agreed that this one is "rock star"!  It really does look like a band member dancing about on the stage while performing:

I didn't take pictures of the other pieces, but was able to snap a shot of the finished puzzle and my little boy....

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