Thursday, March 28, 2019


The month is nearly over, and I am pleased to say that I've kept up each day with a project for #mendmarch.  I may not keep up with my blogging goals, but that is another issue for another day...

This small mend is on a pair of pants.  The prompt was "Got the Blues.  Denim seemed like the logical mend for this day.  I'm always happy to use a little butterfly fabric for a project.

A hoard of french knots for "texture".


It may be messy, but it was quick and easy!

"Childish".  This mend is on a pair of my son's pants and he said he would never wear the pants again! Imagine that?!  (He is 28).

The prompt was "radical".  This isn't actually a mend, but instead a group of dyed radicals marching to a demonstration in a field of french knots.  

I clearly didn't get the idea of the prompt "tee time".  My mind went to golf, not t-shirts.  I had a good laugh at myself after seeing what others were posting!  I struggled with a golf theme, but was given a list of golf terms by a good friend (my muse).  My explanation for this mend:  The fabric was dyed with rust (IRON= golf club).  The HOLE IN ONE corner of the fabric has been mended with GREENS.   The fabric is actually rotting away, so this mend will not last long.  May need to make a prayer FLAG from the fabric.  Next time I will mend a t-shirt and not agonize over the prompt.

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