Sunday, February 17, 2019

Make Ink

I checked this brilliant book out from the library:

I've been on a natural dyeing kick for the past year, and this book spoke to me!  With much snow on the ground, it has been difficult to even think about foraging for materials outdoors.  Instead, I started cleaning the kitchen cupboard spice shelf.  Instead of ink, I naturally used my creations on fabric.  Cinnamon chunks, allspice berries, rose hips, star anise, and cardamom seed  each had a day of simmering on the stove.  I then poured the liquid and dye stuffs on my fabric and let it steep for a few days.

Yummy fabrics!  All began as white.  The cardamom didn't take much colour.  I also did not use a mordant on any of the fabrics.  Next experiment will include an alum or iron soak before the dye.

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