Thursday, January 3, 2019

3 January 2019

I returned on the 1st from a wonderful trip to Malta with my sister.  22 hours of travel to get home - yesterday was a blur as I didn't really sleep much after getting home.  Last night I slept like a princess and feel ready to tackle the world once again. 
Malta was beautiful, delicious, exciting, relaxing, and the perfect place to spend time laughing with my sister.  We enjoy the same things, so traveling together is always a great experience.
I instantly fell in love with the religious door plaques on homes.  I was determined to find one to bring home to keep a piece of Malta with me.

Yes, I did find one to bring home.  We found a small shop in Velletta on the last day of our travels that sold one very similar to this one. Once everything is unpacked and put away, I plan to create a small shrine to celebrate a joyous holiday and exciting start to the new year. 

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