Wednesday, August 29, 2018

natural dyes / indigo

I have been growing indigo for 4 years.  I may have finally made some dyeing progress.

After grinding up the leaves with my blender, I added ice.

and then added the fabric and some vinegar. I let it soak for an hour.

Then hung it outside on the line for 30 minutes. The fabric on the left is a piece of linen. No blue... On the right, the very small piece is a cotton hankie.  Also no blue.  The 2 pieces in the middle are the big winners! Silk...  Also notice the plants on the left... more indigo plants!

Back to the dye pot to soak overnight.

Fabric has been dipped twice, rinsed well and dried.  I am loving the colours.  The linen and cotton look lovely.  I am very happy with the silk.  The top piece is cotton.  The silk is in the back.

Guess I forgot to photograph the linen.

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  1. So, so pretty. But you are nuts! (Says one crazy to another.)