Friday, December 1, 2017

Carve December #1

I am participating in #CarveDecember this year.  31 days of carving stamps!  How fun is that?

When I travel I take tons of photos that seem to just sit on my computer.  During #Carve, I am using photos from my trip to Sweden as inspiration.

Day #1 is from City Hall in Stockholm.  This is the location of the Nobel Banquet each year.

Carving the stamp was fun, and I kept the design as easy as possible as I haven't carved one in a very long time.

This is how one print looks:

Four rotating stamps (after printing this I pitched the stamp pad as it was very light)

 Second try with a better stamp pad.  This one was more fun and I ended up with ink all over my fingers!  Messy art is always more interesting...

Additional repeats.  It doesn't match up the greatest, but I didn't measure when I drew it on the block.  Not bad for a first try!

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