Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Could spring be here?

Usually by this time of the morning I am at work.  Today I have an appointment with my radiologist at 10:30 this morning which rather breaks up my day, so I decided to just take the whole day off.  I have so many vacation days to burn this year that taking a day here and there (like almost every week), is the only way to get them used up before the end of December.  It is almost like I knew that the cancer/heart issue was going to happen....  So, even though I'd rather be jet setting to some exotic place, the days off are welcome.  I need to put my health first.
Any way....  like I said I'm usually gone and miss alot of the beauty around our house.  I was surprised to see a few buds opening on the pussy willow bush.  It is grey, cold, windy, and rainy out but I managed to slip out and take a quick pic just to remind me to keep my eye open to the beauty that surrounds us.

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